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Year 2 Episode 13: Mister Rando Must Die Part 6

August 09, 2018

Mister Rando Must Die Part 6

Mister Rando’s murder is super inconvenient and Toph joins me in the Study to find a Clue or maybe two to maybe figure out who did this crime. It turns out the study is weird AF and Toph has been trapped in there for, possibly, far too long. Is it the lack of furniture or the mysterious kiddie pool that makes it odd. Toph recalls his minimum wage origins with Mister Rando. The two pitch pitches inspired by Knife, Peacock, and The Alamo.

Toph pitches a tourist-y sort of tribute to some dead kids
Derek pitches a line of appetizers

Host: Derek Glascock
Produced by Derek Glascock
Wheezing Laugh: Derek Glascock

mister rando must die part 6

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