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Make Dad Read Comics

Podcast Description: Each week I try to get my 66 year old Father, who thinks comics are for dolts to understand why I love them and teach him comics. He is tempted with a treat to read an issue or arc and we discuss the comic and I try to defend or explain comics culture

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Soundcloud | Twitter

Episode 6.5 – Listen

Headline Heroes

Podcast Description: Three friends take a crack at comedic, comic book worldbuilding. Each week they take a look at a recent bizarre headline and craft an origin story for a superhero or supervillain. Join Drew, Nate, and Tanner as they transform reality into something a little more super.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 7.5 – Listen

2 Brothers Talk Games

Podcast Description: We’re here to talk all kinds of games and pop culture. We generally discuss things like Board Games, Video Games, Kickstarters and other Podcasts as well as general all round nerdy news.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast

Episode 8.5 – Listen

Dragons, Sexy Robots, and Adventures: A Nerd Manual

Podcast Description: Kyle and Claire love talking about nerdy things, and today there’s more to talk about than ever before: movies, TV shows, books, comics and videogames. Where did it all come from? Every new story has an older one behind it. Every other week they’ll explore the roots of a current work of nerd culture, and discuss how it was made.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 9.5 – Listen

Nerdy Things Podcast

Podcast Description: A podcast about books, comics, movies, games, and pop culture. You know, Nerdy Things! Hosted by Kevin, Jules & Tim!

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast| Twitter

Episode 9.5 – Listen

GravityBeard Podcast

Podcast Description: GravityBeard is a variety show featuring great interviews, storytelling, and discussion relating to sports, entertainment, current news, daily life and more.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter | Facebook

Episode 10.5 – Listen

600 Second Saga

Podcast Description: Weekly 10 minute tales of science fiction and fantasy. Visit insani-x.com for more information or to submit your flash fiction.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 11.5 – Listen

My Thing Can Beat Your Thing

Podcast Description: My Thing Can Beat Your Thing: A show in which we each pick a thing, and then figure out which thing beats which thing. We follow the ICE System (Enter a thing, Contest the stats, Initiate battle) to argue each thing’s merits, and then run the things through our advanced, proprietary software to find out which thing would actually beat which thing in a fight. Each season of the show features a different type of thing, and ends with a tournament of past winners to determine the Ultimate Thing.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 12.5 – Listen


Podcast Description: Humans making noise

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 13.5 – Listen

The Best Darn Diddly Review Show

Podcast Description: Best Darn Diddly is a weekly journey through The Simpson’s series

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 14.5 – Listen


Podcast Description:Ed, Eddy, and friends watch TV shows that were canceled with episodes left unaired, and ponder how the show would continue if it wasn’t canceled by pitching future episodes, spin offs, and series finales. Some things are better left UnAired!

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 15.5 – Listen

The Writer's Bone

Podcast Description: Author Daniel Ford and screenwriter Sean Tuohy discuss the craft of writing with best-selling authors, well known screenwriters, and comedians with the help of the most badass up-and-coming writers on the Internet.

Where to Find It: Apple Podcast | Twitter

Episode 16.5 – Listen

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