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The Wild Pitch Podcast: Who Are We?

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Fake entrepreneurs pitch amazing ideas inspired by three random elements in an absurdist, “Shark Tank”-esque comedy podcast. New episodes every other Wednesday.

The Wild Pitch Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores creativity through the ancient art of the pitch. Derek welcomes guests to come onto the show and test the limits of their creative genius by pitching amazing shows, games, plays, products, or whatever their heart’s desire. The only rules are that the pitch must have a name or a title, and it must be inspired by or incorporate three random elements. The elements can either be a person, a place, a thing, or an abstract idea, and our good friend, Mr. Rando, selects them every other week during a mini-episode. After the elements are selected, everyone gets a week to prepare their idea for the following show. The Wild Pitch Podcast releases on Wednesdays and can be found wherever podcasts can be found.


The goal of every full episode of the Wild Pitch Podcast is to present amazing, fun, ridiculous concepts in a light and funny way. Do the pitches have to be funny? No. Do the pitches have to be viable? Nah. Do the pitches have to stir primal urges within the listener? Yes? Since the ideas are all inspired by three common elements, you could hopefully envision an “infinity mirror” style of transition from one to the next, and it almost creates a shared sense of universe between them.

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