Mister Rando Must Die,
Year 2,

Year 2 Episode 9: Mister Rando Must Die Part 2

June 12, 2018

Mr Rando Must Die Part 2

Mr Rando’s murderer is on the run and Derek is on the hunt. Derek catches up with Jamie in the hall of the Rando Estate. Jamie reveals his selected random elements of White, Revolover, and Tanuki. Jamie loves Super Mario so the Tanuki makes sense. Jamie, as par for the course, goes a bit dark with his pitch. Derek whips something up on the spot and records a commercial for a lunchtime solution. Jamie recalls how he met Mr Rando in COD:BLOPS and Derek is amazed that his robot cohost was such an excellent sniper.

Jamie pitches a drinking game
Derek pitches a lunch time solution

Host: Derek Glascock
Produced by Derek Glascock
Wheezing Laugh: Derek Glascock

mr rando

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