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Episode 17: Passive Aggressiveness, iPod, and Time Travel

September 27, 2017

The Wild Pitch Podcast Episode 17

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: Times they are a changin’… mostly because, well, time travel is style of the day. Derek welcomes back Keith (who got Irma in Hotlanta) and new time pitcher, but friend of the show Ed from UnAired! We find out who has an un-ironic love of Vanilla Ice and who passed on the chance to throw a bottle at him. Ed then sits back and relaxes as two old men ramble on about stuff that is strange and confusing! TIME TRAVEL! Gimme 5 bees for a quarter… This week’s pitches are probably the most thematically linked of any episode to date.

Ed pitches a TV Show 
Keith pitches a new app
Derek pitches a great deal

Derek was drinking some Dr Pepper
Ed was drinking a Miller Lite
Keith was drinking the difficult to obtain water

Special podcast promo: My Thing Can Beat Your Thing & Secret Transmission

Host: Derek Glascock
Produced by Derek Glascock

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