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Year 2 Episode 2: Weightlifting, Supermarket, and Sticky Notes

February 28, 2018

The Wild Pitch Podcast Year 2 Episode 2

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: We’re on the road and celebrating National Sleep in Public Day. Derek is joined by the fine gentlemen from Talking.fail, Tyler and Ethan. Find out about Tyler’s family’s foundation of lies, hear Ethan recall a terrifying sleep experience, and find out why Derek should see a vet and maybe be put down? The pitches are very spirited this week. Where will they Mobile Pitch Pit end up this week? Tune in and see.

Ethan pitches a life enhancement
Tyler pitches a parent’s dream
Derek pitches a pick-me-up

This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to you by Billy Shakes Used Siege Engine Emporium

Host: Derek Glascock
Produced by Derek Glascock

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