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Year 2 Episode 1: David Bowie, a Bookstore, and Middle Earth

February 14, 2018

The Wild Pitch Podcast Year 2 Episode 1

This Week on The Wild Pitch Podcast: A new year is upon us and it is time to celebrate. Come with the Wild Pitch as we celebrate National Cream Filled Chocolates Day! First timers, Brett and Dominic, come onto the show and pitch their pitches from inside a particularly lively Wild Pitch Mobile Pitch Pit. Learn the history of cream filled chocolates and then find out which one of us likes cheap candy, which one of us likes moderately priced candy, and then which of us will eat any candy thrown at him. Warning: This episode is weird.

Brett pitches an Alternate Universe Movie
Dominic pitches a Launch Party
Derek pitches a Netflix Show

This episode of the Wild Pitch is brought to you by Turn of Phrases and Vocal Fries

Host: Derek Glascock
Produced by Derek Glascock

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