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Year 2 Episode 7: Backdoor Comedy Podcast Pilot

May 09, 2018

Corey Branson’s Big Break Podcast Pilot

Inspirational guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire Corey Branson brings the pilot episode of his new podcast Corey Branson’s Big Break to the Wild Pitch feed.

In this inaugural podcast, Corey Branson gives the listener some inspiration and insight into what makes a success. He breaks down his I-M-P system and gives a practical example of it in action.

Corey then welcomes fitness guru Herbert Mortimer Thethard. The two old friends answer questions submitted by eager listeners about inspiration and motivation.

Finally an aspiring businessman comes into the studio to pitch the two icons on his new idea. After a round of questions, Corey and Herbert get involved in a bidding war to bring the alarming product to market.

Corey Branson can be found on Twitter @BigBreakBranson

Corey Branson would like to thank for no particular reason:

Phil and Nick from My Thing Can Beat Your Thing and Blunderdogs

This episode is sponsored by? Emotional Support Call Center

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